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Friends Made, Memories Forged

This post will be continuing from the previous post: 3 Countries, 2 Tires, 1 Lake After the one-week bicycle tour that we had, all of us got to know each other and we all became pretty good friends. But we were a bit sad cause half of the trip had already past, and we only… Continue reading Friends Made, Memories Forged

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Familiar Faces in Hannover

On the evening of the 17th, Jien, one of my fellow exchange student from Malaysia, texted me. She said that she and a few of the other Malaysians are planning to come over to Hannover for a visit and invited me to come with. I gladly obliged considering that I've already been there a few… Continue reading Familiar Faces in Hannover

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Spontaneous Trip to Hamburg

I'm not the only Malaysian that's currently living in Germany for an exchange program, there are 8 other people. Unfortunately, all of us live pretty far away from each other therefore we have to make sure we get hold of every chance we have to meet up with each other. The time came where everyone's… Continue reading Spontaneous Trip to Hamburg


the Shop Window Fishery Harbour

From 29.04.2017 (Saturday) to 01.05.2017 (Monday) in Schaufenster Fischereihafen, Bremerhaven which translates to the Shop Window Fishery Harbour, was held an annual fish party. And yes, on the 1st of May as well because on Erste Mai, it was Tag der Arbeit (or what we know as labour day) so it was a public holiday. So my host… Continue reading the Shop Window Fishery Harbour