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Spontaneous Trip to Hamburg

I'm not the only Malaysian that's currently living in Germany for an exchange program, there are 8 other people. Unfortunately, all of us live pretty far away from each other therefore we have to make sure we get hold of every chance we have to meet up with each other. The time came where everyone's… Continue reading Spontaneous Trip to Hamburg

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Osnabrück Zoo

So my summer holidays have started a few week ago and I've been either meeting up with friends, travelling or just sleeping in. Since some of my friends I've met on this exchange are leaving soon, I have decided to ask them out to just chill and hangout! So I invited Leena from the USA… Continue reading Osnabrück Zoo

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The Elephant: Saying Goodbye

So Summer Holidays have begun! And on the first day of summer holidays, which was the June 22, the monthly Bremen exchange student gathering known as the Elephant, was on. Thankfully, I had a special Schüler Ferien Ticket which allowed me to travel the whole Lower Saxony area throughout the 6-week long Summer holiday for… Continue reading The Elephant: Saying Goodbye