Late Night Thoughts

It’s 2 a.m. in the morning and I can’t sleep. Usually, I would sleep like a log even though thoughts swarm my mind. But the thoughts haven’t budged for the past hour or so, so I thought I would write it down in a blog post.

Thought #1: Time passes too fast
Time waits for no man. No, it really doesn’t. It’s about 2 weeks away from Christmas; 3 weeks away from New Years; 1 month away from my flight back to Malaysia. I can’t believe my exchange year is about to come to an end. Well yeah, we did have an End-Of-Stay Camp (which I should probably write a separate post about cause it was a pretty significant point in my exchange) but still, it’s crazy to think how quickly time has passed.

Thought #2: Goodbye Germany
As stated above, I’ll be leaving Germany to go back to Malaysia in about a months time. Obviously, I’m really excited to be going back to my family and friends in Malaysia. But, the feelings that I’m currently feeling are not all happy and chirpy. I really will miss a lot of things in Germany: the memories I’ve created; the crazy adventures I’ve been through; the friends I’ve made; the German lifestyle; the ability to speak German; my host family; the freedom I have here. I will really miss needing/being able to speak German regularly. Not to say that I’m completely fluent in the German language, but I’m really surprised and amazed how I’ve picked up the language. The progress I’ve made from March till recently is an absolute miracle.

Thought #3: The connections I’ve made here in Germany
I bolded ‘the friends I’ve made’ in the previous point because that would be one of the most significant things that made my exchange year, well, my exchange year. The exchange students that I’ve met and befriended really mean a lot to me. I can confidently say that I have friends from most, if not all corners of the world. The opportunity to be able to bond with people from totally different cultures, different backgrounds, different lifestyles, different ethnicities is pretty mindblowing. But the sad thing about having friends from all over the world during your exchange is that you probably will not see them ever again after leaving Germany. The thing is, you can always text and call but when everyone is busy with their lives back in their homeland, you lose contact. But I would still like to stay positive and hopefully be able to meet some of them after I return to Malaysia, perhaps in the near future.

Thought #4: What will happen in the future?
I really wonder how things will be when I get back to Malaysia. Will things go back to normal? Sure, I would have to enroll at a college when I get back. But what would I do with all the time I have? Would I be rotting at home every day like I was before I came to Germany? Would anything be really that different? What will happen to the relationships I have in Germany? My friends? My host family? What will happen to my German? These are few of the many questions that cloud my thoughts, and there’s an obvious uncertainty in the future. But I trust that whatever my future is, God will be in control of it.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

So that’s about it for this post, I’ll be sure to update you guys more about my Christmas celebrations! I hope that you guys will have a great week ahead. Thank you all so much for reading my posts, I really appreciate it.



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