Final Chance

It’s been a while since my last post, and that is definitely not without reason. Things have been rough, as once again, I will be changing host families. Even though this is for the better, I feel like I’m at fault of all of this. No other exchange student has faced this many problems. But all in all, I still try and keep my head held up high, and stay hopeful for the future.

But the good thing about this change is that I will be living with my best friend from school. Her family has decided to take me in as their “guest kid”, as I would’ve probably be sent back to Malaysia if it wasn’t for them. AFS has told me that this is actually my last chance, and if this doesn’t work out, it’s over for me. So it is in fact, my last chance.

This is just an update post so I don’t really have anything else to add, except that the Autumn Holidays have started and I am looking forward to the rest of it. But fear not, there are posts to come about my class trip to Berlin, and my various adventures in Frankfurt. So stay tuned for that and God bless.



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