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Friends Made, Memories Forged

This post will be continuing from the previous post: 3 Countries, 2 Tires, 1 Lake

After the one-week bicycle tour that we had, all of us got to know each other and we all became pretty good friends. But we were a bit sad cause half of the trip had already past, and we only had 5 more days to spend together. And for every day for this past week, we had these little one-day trips to different places that are in the vicinity of Constance. So we would leave in the morning and be back by night time. But that meant that we only had a few hours in each of the places so we had to treasure every second that we spent in the respective cities.

Monday: Freiburg


We got to visit the cathedral in Freiburg, it was pretty huge and it was pretty inside. We also got to climb up Schlossberg and the view from up there was amazing. Then we went separate ways as some of them wanted to swim but the rest just decided to wander around the city a little more. It was a pretty good trip.

Tuesday: Constance
On Tuesday, we got to have a city rally. It’s kind of like the show the Amazing Race, where we were given tasks to do at various part of the city and it was honestly lots of fun. Unfortunately, the sun was blazing that day so it wasn’t the best day to run around the city. But we got to go to places we’ve never visited in Constance and it was pretty cool being able to discover hidden gems among the hustle and bustle of the city.

Wednesday: Stuttgart

This day was pretty underwhelming considering they didn’t have many activities planned for us that day. So we basically we just walked around and shopped along Königstraße. It was pretty unfortunate that we also had to spend most of our time on the train as Stuttgart was slightly further than the rest of the places. We spent approximately 8 hours on the train and only 5 hours in the city.

Thursday: Singen/Hohentwiel & Grill Party


On Thursday, we got to climb up a 686 meter-tall extinct volcano. It was a little bit tiring but when we got to the top, we had a small picnic and just chilled there for the whole day. It was pretty fun as climbed some ruins so that we could take nice pictures. But later that night we had a grill party that marks the official end of the trip. Like any normal grill party, we had drinks, meat, and some pastries to eat. We played “Never Have I Ever” and it was pretty funny seeing how some people admit that they’ve done some pretty crazy stuff that some of us never thought was actually possible. Then we spent the rest of the night lying down on the floor of the balcony, just enjoying the last few moments we had with each other.

Friday: Reichenau


Since most of the students lived on Constance and we lived on Reichenau Island, we invited them over for a visit as they’ve never been on here before. Plus, there was a wine and fishing carnival that was beginning on that Friday as well so why not go and check it out? The day was pretty chill, we played games and just chatted with each other on the beach as it was one of the last times we would be able to see each other in a long time. As night came, we decided to head over to the carnival. We bought some food and just sat in a circle and continued to chat with each other. But as the night got later and some people had to go home, we were all hugging goodbye and tears started pouring as everyone was pretty devastated that such an amazing trip had to come to an end. Honestly, I never would’ve thought that I would’ve gotten to know these group of amazing people so well. But I’m glad I did. Through all the differences that each of us individuals has, we were still able to see through it and make new friendships and forge great and unforgettable memories together. That’s what I love experiencing when I’m on a program such as this.

If anyone of you from the trip is reading this, I really thank you for being part of this amazing adventure that we’ve strived through together. We are basically like family right now, supporting each other through all our struggles that each and every one of us has at the moment and celebrating our victories. I really hope that we would be able to meet again in the future, just being able to chill and see how everyone will grow would be an amazing sight. I love and miss you all so much.

Had 4 one-day trips around Germany and spent the last day just chilling with the students. Had a really amazing time getting to know everyone. Great memories were created and friendships were made.

Thank you for reading this entry, I hope you enjoyed it. One thing I’ve learnt is that you should be sure to appreciate the time you have with people around you as you may never know how much they would impact your life in the future and you may never know how much they mean to you until it’s too late. I hope that you guys have a great week ahead, God bless.



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