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The word 'half' is pretty interesting. Apparently, it can depict whether someone is optimistic, and he/she would say the cup is half full. On the other hand, a pessimist would say that the cup is half empty. These two phrases contain words that are complete opposites. But in the end, the meaning of the whole phrase… Continue reading ½

Milestone, Thoughts


18. When you turn 18, everything seems to change. You're officially an adult in the eyes of the law, you won't need parental consent on anything anymore, you're officially your own person. On the 9th of August of the year 2017, I reached this milestone. Furthermore, this birthday was my first time spending it on… Continue reading Eighteen

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Friends Made, Memories Forged

This post will be continuing from the previous post: 3 Countries, 2 Tires, 1 Lake After the one-week bicycle tour that we had, all of us got to know each other and we all became pretty good friends. But we were a bit sad cause half of the trip had already past, and we only… Continue reading Friends Made, Memories Forged