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Spontaneous Trip to Hamburg

I’m not the only Malaysian that’s currently living in Germany for an exchange program, there are 8 other people. Unfortunately, all of us live pretty far away from each other therefore we have to make sure we get hold of every chance we have to meet up with each other. The time came where everyone’s summer holidays have started, so two of my Malaysian friends decided to go to Hamburg for a trip, and I tagged along.

I’ve heard many things about Hamburg, mostly saying how beautiful and amazing everything is. I had high hopes for this trip, and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Even though we had to walk around the city as the rain was pouring, we still got to see some, if not most of the recommended sights in Hamburg.

So my day started at about 7 in the morning, where I left home to head to Hamburg Central Station. The distance between where I live and Hamburg was not a small one, so I had to change trains a lot and in total, it took about 3 hours for me to travel to Hamburg. But luckily with my Schüler Ferien Ticket (Student Holiday Ticket), I could get to the Central Station with close to no cost! When I arrived ath Hamburg Central Station, I was amazed at how enormous the station was. It wasn’t like any other station I’ve seen before.

Part of Hamburg Central Station, I couldn’t possibly fit everything in one picture

After Janny and Alia, which are two of my fellow friends/exchange students from Malaysia which I’ve mentioned above, arrived at the station, we just decided to see what’s suggested on and we planned to just follow it. But the problem was us trying to get around the city as the roads were extremely wet, slippery and full of puddles as it was raining cats and dogs. But we still walked around and in the end, we found an art gallery which was free for people under 18, so we decided why not? It was pretty amazing seeing how they preserve pretty old paintings from the 15th century and how much detail was put into every piece of artwork. I especially enjoyed looking how the creases of the painted robes were so intricately painted. But we decided to leave the art gallery after visiting a few rooms as it was eating too much of our precious time that we had.

So we went back to the central station as we wanted to take a train to our next destination as it would be too difficult for us to walk over. While we were walking to our stop, we decided to get some Franz Brötchen, which according to Janny is one of the many things that are considered special in Hamburg as apparently, it was only available there. The pastry looked like a flat croissant, you could also pick which “toppings” were put and baked on top of the pastry and I got the one with apples on it. It was pretty good. Even after finishing the whole pastry, we were still hungry so we decided to find a restaurant that was near our next destination, the town hall. We finally decided to eat at a Vietnamese Restaurant as the other restaurants were either too expensive or had very limited choice of food. It is so satisfying when the warm soup from the Pho flows down your throat, thawing your body from the cold of the rain. But back to the point, the food there was pretty authentically Vietnamese and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After lunch, we went on to visit the Town Hall and then we just started checking places off our “list” that we had. But I think one of the places that we visited that left the biggest impression on me was St. Michael’s Church. It is deemed one of the most beautiful churches in all of Hamburg and it surely lives up to its name. This Lutheran church may not look all that appealing from the outside, but once you walk in, you’re able to immerse yourself into the atmosphere that the church creates as the organs are being played and also all the beautiful architecture that is displayed all over the building.

After that, we just decided to walk around Hamburg a little more as not much time was left. But when there was only about an hour left till we had to leave for home, we decided to just sit down at a nearby McD’s and rest as we had walked approximately 9km in a span of 5 hours which was pretty tiring considering it was raining. But all was not lost as we got to catch up with everyone was doing and we had lots of laughs and jokes being thrown around, and that moment really made my day. Just being able to be with people that come from a familiar background as you as you are encountering a foreign situation is just extremely heartwarming for me. But all in all, I agree it could’ve been a better day if it didn’t rain the whole day as we would get to walk around more and visit more places, I still do not regret any single part of this trip.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-12 at 18.52.31
Janny, Alia & I

P/S: When you rely on walking home, don’t go back too late. As I was walking back home from the train station near my home, the streetlights turned off once the clock struck 12, so I had to walk back home using the torch from my phone. But thankfully my phone battery lasted and I arrived home safely.

Oh, here are some other pictures I took when we went around Hamburg:

I hope to be able to see the rest of if not more of Hamburg soon as it seems to never stop giving. Hopefully, the next time we visit, the weather would be more merciful to us. Through this trip, I’ve also learnt that being with your mates after a time of tough trials can be really motivating, encouraging and recharging. I can’t possibly describe with words the amount of support the fellow exchange students give each other. I really do appreciate y’all.

Went to Hamburg with two other Malaysian exchange students, had an amazing time even though it was raining most of the day. Hamburg has a lot to offer, and it can’t all be seen within a day.

Thank you all for reading my post, hope you enjoyed it. If you do ever end up coming to Germany, be sure to visit Hamburg, you will not be disappointed! Have a great week ahead, God bless.



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