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Osnabrück Zoo

So my summer holidays have started a few week ago and I’ve been either meeting up with friends, travelling or just sleeping in. Since some of my friends I’ve met on this exchange are leaving soon, I have decided to ask them out to just chill and hangout! So I invited Leena from the USA whether she wanted to chill, and she agreed. So we decided to meet in Osnabrück, and the main attraction there is the Osnabrück Zoo so that was where we were headed.

Leena & I

The zoo was very well maintained and we had a really good time. The only thing that was a little bit unlucky was that I forgot to bring my SD card out so I couldn’t save any pictures that were taken with my camera, so I resorted to taking pictures with my phone! There were so many cool animals that I’ve never thought I would have the chance to see in real life, like hyenas, lions, foxes, penguins, and much more!


We spent like 5 hours constantly walking around the park and we got to see every single animal that was available in the park, which is quite a feat I presume. The zoo was pretty impressive and surprisingly clean and pretty well thought out as there were rest stops everywhere. We didn’t really buy much food and drinks within the zoo as they were really overpriced and us exchange students have to be a little bit more thrifty.

When the zoo was closing, we went to an alternate exit which led us to the museum that’s right beside the zoo. So we walked inside, checking out if there were any cool exhibits, and to our surprise, it was a complete ghost town. There was literally not a single soul left in the building except the both of us. It was pretty scary considering how we were trying to keep quiet while frantically trying to find an exit. But eventually, we found our way out and we were home free.

But as I was heading home, I had to walk about 40 mins from the bus station back home because there were no more buses available to take and it was only 10 pm. Unfortunately, it started raining and I had to run home in the pouring rain. Hopefully, I will not fall sick or get a cold.  Which reminds me that Germany doesn’t have much nightlife. In Malaysia, we would have mamaks and restaurants open for 24 hours and streets were always busy even during late hours. Compared to the one in Germany, most stores close at 8 pm and there’s nothing much you can do after that. The only shops that are open are some grocery stores, clubs, and casinos. So, it is a little bit annoying for exchange students when your only mode of transportation is either public transport or your host family fetching you. (or your last resort, walking)

All in all, it was an amazing day as I got to catch up with Leena before she left as well as visit a zoo here in Germany, like killing two birds with one stone. I hope that I won’t be so forgetful next time and remember to put my SD card in my camera. But all is well, memories were forged and hopefully, more memories will be made in the future.

I went to a zoo with my friend from the USA, saw many cool animals that I’ve never seen before. Then we got lost in a museum that I think we weren’t supposed to be in. Made it out safely, had an amazing time!

Thank you all for reading this blog post, hope you all have a great week ahead. God bless.



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