Weekend w/ the Classmates

On the 9th of June, my classmates decided to go and pay a visit to one of their ex-teachers. According to a few of my classmates, they explained that he was an amazing teacher and they all really loved him, but unfortunately he had to quit his job at Schiller Gymnasium. This is because his house is quite a distance from the school, and it took him about an hour of driving to reach school every day. So after 5 years of teaching in Schiller Gymnasium, he decided to teach in a school that’s in his neighbourhood.

Back to the main story, we were planning to sleep over at his place so we brought sleeping bags and tents. They are able to set up tents because most of the time, the gardens in German communities are usually pretty big so there’s enough space to pitch tents and whatnot.

After everyone arrived, everyone started pitching their tents. I had some trouble pitching one of my friend’s tent but thankfully the other guys were there to help. After that, we had barbeque for dinner, which is a typical German dinnerWe were all chilling around a table with our mouths stuffed with bread, sausages, salad and beer. It was a very fulfilling meal! But some of the other students wanted to go shopping for more snacks and drinks so we set out to go for a walk to the nearby grocery store while the teachers and a few of the students stayed back in the home.

On our way to the grocery store

So on the way to the grocery store, we were chit-chatting and I enjoyed it a lot. This is because I got to speak to some guys that I usually would not have the guts to go up and talk to. I tried to reply in German at first, but as my answers were getting more complex, I couldn’t find enough words to replace the vocabulary I lack so I decided to reply in English. But this is just another reminder that I’m still learning and I need to buck up on my German vocabulary as well as my speech. I was especially glad when they popped the questions about how it’s like in Malaysia. I cheerfully gave my answers because it contributes to the main reason why I am here in Germany, to exchange cultures. Exchange, it has to go both ways!

After we got the drinks and we we back at the teacher’s home, they were playing board games inside and it was quite funny to watch some of them play. There was a board game which was a mixture of Pictionary, Taboo, and Charades called Activity. It was really funny seeing people’s interesting drawings and funny acting. On the other hand, there were some students that were outside chilling and talking. I went outside to take a look and they invited me to their table so I went there to just chat with them for a while. During this moment, I got to get to know a few girls from my class a little better cause I haven’t had the chance to speak to them, other than just words like Danke and so on.

The board game peeps at the table (ignore my finger in the corner)

P/S: It was pretty embarrassing when I took this picture, because I didn’t notice my flash was on the first time and it flashed and they were all like ooo. Whoops.

As the night went on, some of the students and the teachers went back home while the rest stayed on. But one thing that I felt pretty uncomfortable doing was when we went to the playground in the middle of night at about 2 o’clock. Some of the students had a little bit too much to drink and were causing quite a ruckus, so I felt pretty bad for the people in that area. But through this time I also had more conversations with my classmates and it was all good.

When we went back, we talked for a little while but in the end we KO-ed because it was already really late at night and we were all pretty tired. I decided to sleep in the house which had more space for me because I didn’t really want to squeeze with the other peeps in the small tents.

In the morning, we had breakfast together and started packing after that. One by one, they started to go home. Lena, I and 2 others were the last ones to leave, and we had to squeeze in a small car. It was quite funny cause on our laps were loads of sleeping bags cause the boot had not enough space. But we got home safely in the end and it’s all that matters.

All in all, I had a pretty good time considering I got to know my classmates more. But one other thing that I can take away from this is that we should drink responsibly. Control the amount of alcohol that you consume as you may end up not just injuring yourself physically, but it may also affect your image, which is not something worth compromising over temporary fun.

Had a sleepover at a ex-teacher’s place, had some fun and got to know more of the classmates. But I was also reminded of the dangers of drinking.

Thank you all for reading this, I hope that you all have a great weekend ahead! God bless.

Jun Jie.


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