Baking w/ Lena

As mentioned in the last post, there was a long weekend because of Himmelfahrt, so we had a 4-day weekend! The weekends in the host family I am currently living in are usually pretty chill and slow paced, everybody's waking up later than normal and usually we don't do much the whole day. But during… Continue reading Baking w/ Lena

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Himmelfahrt & Vatertag

On the 25th of May was both Ascension Day & Father's Day in Germany. But the funny thing is, people usually don't celebrate with their fathers on this day. Usually people would have barbeques or organize little trips and parties to celebrate with their friends. So that's what my host brother, Maxi and his friends… Continue reading Himmelfahrt & Vatertag


the Shop Window Fishery Harbour

From 29.04.2017 (Saturday) to 01.05.2017 (Monday) in Schaufenster Fischereihafen, Bremerhaven which translates to the Shop Window Fishery Harbour, was held an annual fish party. And yes, on the 1st of May as well because on Erste Mai, it was Tag der Arbeit (or what we know as labour day) so it was a public holiday. So my host… Continue reading the Shop Window Fishery Harbour